Worldwide most of traffic violators are young people below the age of thirty, because they are often reckless and arrogant compared to older people. These youngsters also have less experience and are unaware of the consequences of their action. In the latest example of violation of traffic rules, ” Disqualified teenage driver charged for driving round in ‘fake ambulance’ ” was a story headlined by The Independent newspaper online.

It said that the law enforcement agencies in Penclawdd arrested a teenager for driving a fake ambulance in the Welsh village on November 12, 2018. Penclawdd is a village in the Gower Peninsula on the South Coast of Wales. The 19-year-old man who has not been named, did not have insurance and was disqualified from driving vehicles after the incident, the South Wales police announced.

The police force posted a photo of the fake ambulance which the driver was caught driving on their Twitter account and said that the vehicle did not belong to the Welsh Ambulance Services. However, the photo was modified so that the number plate of the vehicle was not visible, the area was covered in black with a red cross mark. The vehicle used for the fake ambulance is painted yellow with green markings on the vehicle.

The right and left side of the vehicle, which included the doors, was painted with a grid pattern with alternating green and yellow rectangles. The word “Ambulance” was prominently painted in large lettering on the front side of the vehicle, on the bonnet of the vehicle. The word “Ambulance’ was also painted above the front windshield of the vehicle, and on a marker on the top of the vehicle.

However, the police were unable to confirm whether the teenager arrested was a member of the emergency services. The police also congratulated the police team responsible for the arrest on Twitter. The spokeswoman for the police said the arrest was made on November 12, when a group of officers was checking the Penclawdd area of Swansea in the morning as part of a routine check of the area. The vehicle was seized by the police and enquiries into the matter are in progress. The teenager involved in driving the fake ambulance has since been released, though the matter is under investigation by police and motoring lawyers.

However, the teenager has found some unexpected support from the locals in the area. One local woman who did not wish to be named, told the Independent newspaper that the ambulance service in the area was extremely inefficient and incompetent. She said that if there was actually some kind of medical emergency and someone required help, the fake ambulance would probably be of greater help than the authorized vehicle from the Ambulance services in Wales. She defended the teenager for driving a vehicle, claiming that the teenager may have only wanted to help people, he probably did not wish to cause any harm or violate the law. It is likely that the woman did not wish to be named, because she did not wish to get into trouble with the local police force for defending the illegal activity.