Firstly, originating in 2019 in the small city of Chester and quickly becoming a favourite to the residents of Chester. Dough Dough(DghDgh) is a Italian pizza restaurant in Liverpool, located in Ranelagh Street. Dough Dough liverpool launched late December 2020, already establishing its presence amongst other pizza restaurants in the city, DghDgh is a restaurant that gives guests a good vibe with a relaxed atmosphere accompanied with delicious food and helpful and friendly staff. Upstairs you will find a much more upbeat atmosphere appropriate for a customer to spend their night out if they wish, equipped with premium beers, spirits, wines and cocktails. Customers can access information on upcoming events which take place upstairs, this info is regularly updated on Dough Doughs social media pages, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which they actively post on. So look forward to guest Dj nights, live music and some delicious pizza in Liverpool once businesses are back open  after lockdown! DghDgh also holds a late license, this means their late license enables guests to stay until 2am placing DghDgh as a very convenient restaurant to visit and stay until close!

About the brand

Dough Dough provides its customer Neapolitan-style pizza, authentic Italian style herb breads, pollo, calzones, garlic bread, starters & sides and different tasty desserts. Dough Dough also has an array of different drinks, for example beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks. DghDgh freshly prepare their ingredients, their dough is raised over 24 hours in their traditional wood-fire oven to provide guests with the freshest, thinnest base and a delicious puffed up crust.This is one factor which differentiates DghDgh to other pizza restaurant Liverpool, their unique selling point is their commitment to creating the perfect base and crust with their fresh ingredients which makes for very flavoursome food! Comprising their name, Dough Dough also has a unique take on different types of dough which are limited run guest dough pizzas, so keep an eye out for their promotion if you want to open your palate to new pizza in Liverpool.

Liverpool pizza restaurants are plentiful, American style pizza, Italian style, more notorious pizza places like Dominos, Pizza Express, Pizza Hut and more. Dough Dough is new to the city, arriving in December of last year. However they are not a business to be slept on, they have integrated well and are very excited for the reopening on April 12th. Fuelled with new ideas for entertainment, promotion and much much more. Give them a visit when doors reopen to grab yourself some fresh Neopolitan pizza, they are looking to really shake the Liverpool pizza game up!